Benefits of structured & activated natural mineral water are many.

Some of them are listed below…

Svetla water contributes to maintenance of normal body and cognitive functions, e.g., …

…energy creation.

One of the key properties of Svetla –  the natural sub-artesian mineral water Dana activated with fullerene, is it’s higher energy saturation comparing to none-activated waters. Yes, we can literally claim that this water is running in a bottle. As consequence Svetla water contributes to maintenance of normal body and cognitive functions, e.g. energy production in body metabolism. This is measurable with special instrument that utilizes the Kirlian method.

…Svetla® water contribution to body temperature balancing.

Thermoregulation is the ability of human body to maintain the body temperature also when there are significant oscillation of temperature in the environment. The process of homeostasis maintains the dynamic equilibrium between the quantity of created+received and emitted heat. Different biochemical reactions permanently contribute to the creation of heat. In addition, muscle contraction and the consumption of food and water contribute to heat (thermo energy) creation.

…Svetla® water body-friendly pH influence.

During the creation of Svetla water by activation of natural artesian mineral water Dana, all chemical and mineral composition properties are preserved. Especially important is the pH factor of Dana / Svetla water. Their pH is very similar to blood pH, plus it is slightly alkaline with body-favorable value of 7.35. Such high quality liquid puts no additional burden on body, requires no additional energy for adjustment towards the level appropriate to enter the body liquids.

…Svetla® water body-friendly chemical & mineral composition

Svetla water has exactly the same, body-friendly, chemical & mineral composition as the regular natural mineral water Dana used as basis for creation of Svetla active water:
  • Relatively high content of calcium and magnesium.
  • Low content of sodium.
  • Naturally CO2 free.
  • Low-mineral-content water.
  • Stability of composition in time.
  • ph = 7.35 – 7.45

…reconstruction of body energy corona.

We have measured and established with Kirlian instrument that the reaction of body to water intake, more precisely  – the reaction to the energy content of water is instant. The might be depleted body energy field corona or missing segments of body energy field corona are reconstructed by energy with assistance of water. The long lasting energy deficit can be serious treat to human health. Water also acts as perfect mediator of energy balance in the body.

…healthy level of body weight regulation.

Due to Svetla’s slight alkaline properties, higher energy saturation and unique mineral composition, Svetla water is mediating in natural process of body weight regulation. This is attributed to body’s ability to detect and recognize the Svetla’s unique properties, before all the higher energy saturation which leads to better management of hungriness feeling.

…the healthy redox balance equilibrium maintenance process (naturally assisted by water).

Svetla water contributes to the body natural ability to maintain the redox balance in the body. Appropriate level of hydration with healthy water of body-friendly chemical and mineral composition helps the body to maintain the redox balance. This is natural body mechanism that is assisted by water. Redox reactions, or oxidation-reduction reactions, are a matched set, that is, there cannot be an oxidation reaction without a reduction reaction happening simultaneously.

…during natural anti-pathogen action

The human immune response system recognizes pathogens  and acts to remove, immobilize, or neutralize them. The immune system is antigen-specific (responding to specific molecules on a pathogen) and has memory (its defense to a pathogen is encoded for future activation). The immune system relies on several components to fight an infecting pathogen, e.g. antibodies use ROS attached to them to literally “burn” the pathogens. Water contributes to maintenance of normal body functions and cognitive functions, including the process of anti-pathogen / anti-microbial action.

Unique properties of Svetla® water

Several unique properties have been discovered during  medical researches and scientific measurements carried out on Svetla® water

Body Energy

Average body energy before Svetla® water intake 100%
Average body energy after Svetla water intake 125%

Energy content of water

Energy content of natural mineral water 100%
Energy content of Svetla® water 142%

Light flux released (Energy of the matter)

Light flux in time (Energy content growth in 4 days after bottle opening/intake) 2000%

Svetla® Water – Globally unique activated natural mineral water

Structured activated water is created in sophisticated high-tech production process. Within the process Dana natural mineral water is being structured and ordered by fullerene surfaces. Consequently, water becomes activated and active thereafter with several unique properties like ability to assist the body during the creation of Reactive Oxygen Species and also during the antioxidant action.

Dana natural mineral water chemical and mineral composition remain intact. However – the physical properties and information status of water are altered. Therefore the processes in such water proceed differently then in regular none-active water. Consequently the effects of such water on living organisms are radically different.

For example, the water activated with fullerene exhibits substantially higher energy saturation and content emitting much more light flux.

Due to high energy content & different size and organization of water molecule clusters, Svetla® water contributes to maintenance of normal body functions and cognitive functions. e.g. during the process of energy creation and process of metabolic waste evacuation from cells. The unwanted accumulation of cell metabolic waste due to slow or disturbed evacuation, can cause serious health degradation.

If and when initiated by human body natural process of homeostasis, Svetla® water makes available up to 50% more ROS to living organism, comparing to regular, inactive, unordered bulk water. This provides for easier maintenance of healthy redox balance between antioxidants and reactive oxygen species (ROS). etc…

Empiric discoveries about the Svetla® Water efficiency…

The “Slovenske novice” daily newspaper, Saturday, September 12 2015…“Health is the biggest and most important asset of every living person. It might sound trivial and pathetic to someone, but that simply is the truth worth reminding us about all over again. Stands as carved in stone. After all each and every one of us is willing to make everything possible to prevent pain and illness. Sometimes even such things we are skeptical about. Sometimes the top professional sportsmen deal with very serious health issues. Among them thisalso happens to tennis ace Grega Zemlja, the first Slovene who entered the top 50 at ATP ranking. He also made it to 3rd round of Wimbledon. Then he was brutally stopped in his progression towards the summit of ATP.  He was brutally stopped by infectious mononucleosis, also called “mono”! This illness ruled Gregor’s life for a very long time and looked like it was about to stay for good. …He did not have power and energy to practice not to mention demanding matches. “Sometimes I had to manipulate practicing process to match my body low-energy  state. OK, I am still proceeding carefully, but now mono looks like an episode far behind me.

Two months ago, if I practiced for 2 hours strait, I had to lay in bed for following two days. Now all that is far behind me. It’s history! ” ,say’s Gregor visibly comfortable, happy and enthusiastic. “Even more so, first time after 2013 I comfortably played demanding five set match in Davis cup.”

…It was the Svetla water in combination with regular Dana mineral water that contributed to this fantastic outcome, to energy lift and maintenance of body functions thereafter. Both are bottled by Dana LLC …”

Normal body weight is the foundation of health

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and can help in prevention and control of many diseases and conditions. If you are overweight or obese, you are at higher risk of developing serious health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and certain cancers. That is why maintaining a healthy weight is so important: It helps you lower your risk for developing these problems, helps you feel good about yourself, and gives you more energy to enjoy life.

Every year more and more people are aware of the normal body weight importance. Awareness of this is more or less firmly anchored in the culture of the majority of people in the world. One of the key factors for a healthy, natural way to maintain healthy levels of weight is drinking the right amount of healthy water, such as Svetla and natural mineral water Dana, from which the activated water Svetla is created. The Svetla’s higher energy content and quality of mineral water in general assists the body in management of normal body weight level, which in turn leads to one of the most natural ways of maintaining the bodyweight, which is part of nature’s ingenious design of the human body, perfected over millions of years. The water energy is eternal. Both – the energy and the hydration of human body, which is 65% to 80% made of water, are essential in weight maintenance.

In addition to higher saturation of energy and, consequently, a higher amount of energy in it, Svetla helps the body to maintain healthy levels of weight primarily due to its slight alkalinity and pH factor almost equal to the pH factor of human blood and it’s exceptional mineral composition.

Being World’s one and only bottled natural mineral water  that is structured and activated with Fullerene C60, Svetla® is globally unique bottled pristine natural mineral water. It is so unique that it represents its own category and therefore any other water simply cannot be compared with Svetla®.

However, there is one other very special natural well water that demonstrates many similar [mysterious] properties like Svetla®. That water is the Holly Zam Zam Water.

Make no mistake we are not even alluding that Svetla® itself is holly water or that it is exactly as same as Zam Zam Water, Zam Zam is one and only itself for sure; or that both are having exactly same effects on human organism. Neither are we trying to claim that Svetla is better or worse then Zam Zam Water.

Our main aim is to draw your attention to the fact illustrated by these two waters that water is much more then trivial chemical formula of H2O and mineral composition of water as a matter. Zam Zam and Svetla® are proof that there are mysteries beyond chemical definition and composition of water. Yes, many of those cannot be scientifically quantified and explained now. It is because  we do not have adequate formulas and knowledge to explain, as we do not have such knowledge  for many other phenomenas in nature.

What we want to especially emphasize is that these two waters have very similar energy impact on human body, very similar impact on human body immune system, processes, blood and pathogens, especially viruses.

The comparison with Zam Zam Water is appropriate and illustrative also because these two waters, while having some significant similarities in mineral composition, also differ drastically in some key mineral composition values.

Yet their key impacts on human body that have been established empirically and with several measurements, have so many similarities that we have to ask ourselves, where are these similarities coming from if these two waters are so different in chemical/mineral composition. This dilemma is indicative at least.

We firmly believe that these similarities origin from so-called information content and cluster molecular structure of these waters. Only God knows the informational content of Zam Zam Holly Water. Same applies for reference water used in process of structuring and then the activation of Dana natural mineral water with fullerene C60 that results in creation of Svetla® water.

Here is the link to PDF file containing the “Mineral composition and health functionality of Zam Zam Water”.

Zam Zam Water

“Refer to RDI(Recommended Daily Intake)” category:

Calcium 96mg/L
Magnesium 38.8mg/L
Potasium 43.3mg/L
Sodium 133mg/L
Chloride 163.3mg/L
Sulphate 124mg/L
Bicarbonate 195.4mg/L
Fluoride 0.72mg/L

“Less is better” category:

Nitrate 124.8mg/L

Svetla® Water

“Refer to RDI(Recommended Daily Intake)” category:

Calcium 69mg/L
Magnesium 35mg/L
Potasium 1.1mg/L
Sodium 1.8mg/L
Chloride 3.3mg/L
Sulphate 13.8mg/L
Bicarbonate 377mg/L
Fluoride 0.057mg/L

“Less is better” category:

Nitrate 2.75mg/L